Bernalillo County
Behavioral Health Initiative

Investing in Changing Lives & Promoting Health


We were tasked with creating a PSA campaign for the county, through the Bernalillo County Behavioral Health Initiative (BHI) and DWI Planning Council, to raise awareness and provide resources for the prevention of DWI, Relapse and Suicide, Domestic Violence, and Risky Youth Behaviors. 


Creating impactful PSA’s for behavioral health issues is not straightforward. In developing the concepts, we worked to balance the sensitivity of the topics with a creative approach that would deliver videos that could make a positive impact on the viewer and the community. At the same time, we couldn’t forget about the toll that the global pandemic was taking on the mental health of everyone, young and old. 


Graphic Design.5

– creative development

– tv & radio spots

– photography

– billboard design

– copywriting

dwi prevention.

Game Over

dwi prevention.

A Virtual Happy Hour

relapse & suicide prevention.


domestic violence prevention.

Abuse is not love.

youth prevention.

Every day, you have choices.