How can Google be so late to the meme game? I mean, they are Google with a capital G and this is a meme (or is it pronounced me-me? Hold on let me google it… Ok, Google says it is MEEM). Either way, Nickleback decided to relive their glory days and re-record “Photograph” for this Google Photos ad. And let me just say, Nickleback did not disappoint, which is really surprising considering it is Nickleback..

Now, a little history on the NickleBack “Photograph” meme. The song itself was released in September of 2005 as their first single on their 5th album. Later that year, they released the music video which began with the lead singer holding up a framed picture of himself and their producer as the lyric “look at this photograph” played in the background.

Two years later, the first meme was made saying that Nickleback was racist and photoshopping a picture of a man in blackface into the frame. A year after that, a Youtuber covered the song and recorded their own music video showing photos of growing up in their hometown.

One of the most famous of the memes came in 2012 when College Humor created “look at this instagram,” which had some 7 million+ views and 12,000 comments.

However, the most well known meme came in 2015 when “Nicklestats” was born. In the video, the lead singer is shown holding up a bar graph while the track was edited to “Look at this graph.”

Now, I would argue that Google’s version of this meme is easily the best solely based on the fact that they were able to get Nickleback to come in and re-record the song for this ad. Because of that, we give this ad a 10/10 for creativity, execution, and use of culturally relevant material ie. memes.