This article does not contain COVID — just cool marketing things.

As we close on Women’s Month we reflect on all that has happened in the last 31 days. It started with COVID-19 quickly becoming a global pandemic and stopping the world in its tracks. Sports were cancelled, flights were cancelled, toilet paper was canceled (???) and restaurants began shutting their doors.

But we aren’t here to talk about all that. I think we’re all tired of company emails explaining what they are doing during this time of crisis. Instead, let’s talk about what this entire month should have been about.

After kicking off the month with an International Women’s Day that was cut short by Daylight Savings Time, and a US Soccer court filing declaring that women players don’t deserve equal pay, we wanted to highlight this great moment in advertising.

MINI USA came out with an inspiring and empowering ad in honor of Women’s Month featuring the story of Pat Moss, a legendary rally driver who broke all stereotypes about women drivers. The ad speaks to the gender roles of her time, and how she was a pioneer of the Women’s movement in defiance of those roles. Not only did Pat stand up against men both on the track and in life — she beat them! That is what makes this one of our favorite ads of all time..