New Mexico
Department of Health

Putting an end to COVID-19 in New Mexico


When that type of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity (literally, we hope) comes around, you jump at it. No matter how big and daunting the task. We found ourselves in a position to affect the trajectory of the spread of the virus. Together, we developed effective, creative messaging for public health measures which had been met with bitter resentment by some and reluctant acceptance by others.

Any time the government tells Americans they have to wear a mask and can’t see their family and friends, it’s bound to be met with fierce opposition. Turns out, even a deadly global pandemic doesn’t change that. So, to create that buy in, you have to know who you are talking to. In crafting each campaign, we spoke to members of the communities we were targeting to gain a better insight into where the resistance was coming from and how we could best reach those people.


Graphic Design.5

– campaign messaging development

– creative development

– tv & radio spot production

– photography

– graphic design

something to celebrate.

a superbowl ad to get New Mexicans vaccinated!

it's your turn.

a PSA to announce that everyone 16+ can get vaccinated

where we've been.

we're gonna get through winter together, even if we're apart.

sick season.

in the midst of COVID, the flu re-emerged. get your flu shot to get some more peace of mind!

a zoom thanksgiving.

thanksgiving will be a little different in 2020, but some things just won't change.

more COVID-19 campaigns.

in total, we have made over a dozen COVID-related campaigns for the DOH. These are a few more of those videos.