With so much more time spent at home, people are looking to YouTube to help cope with their huge lifestyle change. ASMR and meditation video views are at an all-time high, TASTY is having a ball with some Pantry Meal recipes, and 2-hour-long videos of people studying are trending. Let’s dive into these interesting insights, and talk about this could mean for the future of work.

Right now, views of meditation-related videos are 51% higher than the same period in 2019. As stay-at-home regulations are becoming more common and more strict, people are looking for ways too cope with social distancing. So, how can you and your new remote teams use the power of the internet help people stay sane while stuck at home?

All of the insights for this episode were found in Think With Google’s article “5 ways people are turning to YouTube to cope while social distancing.” For further reading and links to the videos we discussed, check out the article!